Dynamic Website Development

Dynamic websites are crucial to organizations for driving site traffic, expanding market recognition, providing round-the-clock information, and promoting growth. In this course, you learn the basics of developing websites to achieve these benefits and more. Specifically, you gain the key knowledge to develop web pages using HTML, XHTML, XML, PHP, Java scripts, SQL to build a complete site. Participants will learn to Establish, configure and maintain an intranet or Internet website, Develop web pages using HTML, XHTML, XML, PHP, Java scripts, SQL, Configure a web server and implement server-side scripting, Interface a website to a database for the dynamic storage and retrieval of data, Produce dynamic web pages using server- and client-side scripts.

Course Duration : 4 Months Total Course Hours: 120 Educational Qualification: HSC
Next Batch: Last date of registration: Course Fee: Tk. 15000

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