About Us

Swapno Academy has been established with a vision to provide high quality skill based education to University Students, Undergraduates, Graduates and Midcareer Professionals who are searching for an Institution to give an Amazing Flinch to their career considering the global perspective. Swapno Academy is a dynamic, vibrant, value based learning organization encompasses a wide range of skills development programs that most individuals & organizations find to be integral and necessary part of everyday business &self-development. Our immediate professional goal is to make our work recognized and respected, and to achieve and maintain a leading position and taking it to the next level. We would like to establish ourselves as a professional -centered higher level educational institution where we can help the professionals to achieve their career goals and to contribute to the development of the economy.Also our FREE video tutorials and enormous collection of e-books, articles, and journals helps individuals to enrich themselves all the way.

From basic communication skills to strategic management, we offer a gamut of training programs in our quest to address every business training need.Our customized training courses created to suit the needs for each organization. Each of Swapno Academy’s training program can be fully customized to meet your company's specific needs. We work with you to design a program that is relevant to your organizational issues and best fit to your employees. We understand your needs and challenges and train you on the key skills and knowledge that we know will make a difference. Each program is interactive, participatory and includes readiness and reinforcement activities.

Swapno Academy’s IT Courses designed for entry level IT professionals to develop their confidence for global IT industry. Our life long mentoring system and professional networking platform helps IT professional to grown up. Swapno Academy is working for helps our IT professional to achieve global certifications like to pass Level 1 – IT Passport Exam (IP Exam) for non-IT professionals and graduates and to Level 2 – Fundamentals IT Engineer Examination (FE Exam) for IT professionals and graduates. Our global online software store www.sofery.com helps IT professional to bring their product at global market place.

Swapno Academy has a wide pool of experienced and highly Skilled Trainers who are experts in their arena and approach training with both passion and knowledge, their extensive workplace experience enables them to provide highly practical, on-the-job application of theories and techniques; and to focus exclusively on your requirements.