Custom Programs for Employee Training and Development

Looking for employee training and development opportunities for your organization? The SWAPNO ACADEMY delivers custom programs on a variety of management topics to companies in a range of industries.

A program customized to suit your organizational needs:

We work with you every step of the way. We'll help you select the appropriate topics, program length, and delivery model for your needs. We can deliver programs at your company or on SWAPNO campus. A few of our popular topics include Communication, Leadership, Monitoring and Evaluation, Proposal Writing, Financial Management, Sales and Marketing, Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

Our Faculty:

Our instructors are practitioners in the field. They consistently earn top marks from participants in program evaluations. That high quality is reflected in the number of participants referred to our programs by fellow colleagues. Through a combination of lecture, cases, exercises, and in-class discussion your employees learn how to apply the material within your context.

Extraordinary value:

Our programs are competitively priced, enabling you to bring high quality employee training and development to your organization.

Getting started:

Browse our list of programs to determine which topics may be of interest.

Why Choose Swapno Academy?

We use a variety of innovative learning processes which are guaranteed to fully engage the learner. Cost effective solutions – our learner regard us as very good value for money (see Testimonials or Making a Difference for more information). Our programmes are tailored to the needs of the learner and their participants – we have no ‘off the shelf’ provision. Our programmes are regarded as practical, pragmatic and ‘real’; we ensure the programmes are relevant to the learners, so that the participants can take the learning from the programme and transfer it instantly into the workplace. We make learning fun: we fun-damentally believe people learn best in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. What we say we will do, we will do: we deliver our commitments. We are reliable and consistent.

To make organizations in the private and public sector in more productive, efficient and profitable by leveraging technology and processes.